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Members usually receive an email after a service request. If a member writes something special about the volunteer that helped them, then this information can be listed in the "Kudos" page. Here are some such Kudos, listed from most recent to earliest.

November 26, 2021

From member Joanne Foreman: Yes, I MUCH appreciate TENT services! The Thanksgiving dinner was just right--I ate it ALL!! I appreciate the weekly phone call too! AND the Covic booster shot on Dec. 6. (Note from the editor, Joanne receives her weekly call from volunteer Anne  Clark).

September 13, 2021


I just wanted to pass on a compliment.  My friend Rabbi Judith Halevy made a special point of telling me last night when I saw her that she visited Alice Rynear and Jewel Howard, and Alice thinks TENT is the best thing going in Taos.   She is THRILLED with the services she’s getting!  Hooray to everyone, especially the people who volunteer to help Alice!


September 9, 2021

Dear Becky,

One of our TENT members—Dr. Sylvia Kelly—specifically told me today that she appreciates the cards she gets. She doesn’t usually keep cards, but she’s kept every single one of the ones from “TENT” (yours!). I told her a TENT volunteer crafts them by hand and that I would let you know that she appreciates them.

“They cheer me up,” she said.

Thank you, Becky, for your kindnesses!


June 17, 2020


Just wanted to let you know that Bill Hoffman came over and replaced two light switches for us.  We are so grateful.

Knowing that there are volunteers that are willing to use their expertise to help out neighbors is  a wonderful feeling.

Thank you,

Katherine & Leonard Kasza